Frequently Asked Questions

What is I ?
We have been providing coverage to people for 13 years who for whatever reason are currently uninsured. Instead of going to the doctor or dentist or hospital with no ID and paying full price, member can see a provider and only pay approximately 50% of the bill.

How soon can I use the Coverage?
There is no waiting period. you may use the plan immediately, even with pre-existing conditions.

Will I be assigned a provider, or can I go to any Doctor or Dentist?
You can go to any provider on the list even if they are not in your area.

Can this be used in addition to any other insurance I may have?
Any procedure that your current insurance does not cover (even COSMETIC),WE WILL!

Is there a yearly maximum?
No. you may use your medical and dental discounts as often as you need to.

1-888-TOOTH-51 (888-866-8451)


355 Plainfield Ave, Suite 6-A
Edison, NJ 08817
Phone: 1-888-TOOTH-51 (888-866-8451)

Available only in NY and NJ

Because the Discount Benefit Programs are NOT Insurance you can go to a provider as often as you like, with no annual maximum !!!